Bass and cello registry


How to register or update Registry information

1. Find the model designation and serial number. (required)

It’s best to use both in all correspondence with us. If you don’t see a model designation, don’t worry, just include what you can.

Usually they can be found by looking through the f-hole on the bass side of the instrument. Most instruments have paper ID labels pasted in, headed with a brand name (see the list below), and followed by the model designation and serial number, which may be handwritten or inkstamped. In addition most basses carry a build number handwritten in pencil or ink (older instruments) or inkstamped directly on the inside back in the same area; usually this is the same as the serial number. Many OEM basses have only the build number, and later instruments have only the ID label. A very few have no number at all; in those cases we can assign an appropriate serial number. Cellos only have paper labels.

KMI brands: Kay, Genuine Kay, K-Meyer, Kraftsman, Old Kraftsman, Custom Kraft

OEM brands: Gretsch, Genuine Gretsch, Selmer, Selmer-Kay, Silvertone, Pan-American Symphony

2. Take documentary photos.

Clear, detailed photos of the instrument furnish us with specifics about it, place it in Kay’s production context, and teach us about small changes in production specs over time and sometimes unique and unusual variations. They are also essential in establishing the value of the instrument if you’re thinking of buying or selling.

3. Gather any history of the instrument you have and can share, starting with your name and location (required for member services), names and locations of previous owners, stage history, repair history, sales or rental records or receipts, and/or stories about the instrument. This helps build its pedigree.

4. If you have specific questions about your instrument, include them as well. We are happy to provide any information we can.

5. Send your information by email using the Contact page. If you prefer you may include a link to cloud storage of your documentation.

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